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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beck - Modern Guilt
"I can't even believe what we've seen outside, you and me watching the jets go by." So croons Beck in the track Chemtrails off his latest album, Modern Guilt, released this month.

I really enjoyed Mellow Gold and Odelay, but I can't say as much for his music since then, this album included. It's produced by Danger Mouse, who has done some interesting work in the past (his debut, The Grey Album, mashed up The Beatles' White Album with Jay Z's The Black Album), but this album just falls a bit flat for me.


But the song Chemtrails caught my attention as it is a popular topic of conspiracy theorists, and many of Beck's songs have focused on rather eclectic topics in the past. Here are some more excerpts from the lyrics:

"You and me
Hit by a cloud of an eagle
Watching the jets
Pass us by
We're climbing
A hole in the sky"

Christian Bale
I just watched The Prestige on Blu-Ray a couple nights ago, a 2--6 film starring Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. It was the second time I'd seen it, the first being in the theater. I think this is an underrated but great film, and under repeated viewing and close scrutiny, the plot held up quite well.


The film has some fun steampunk contraptions and lots of great symbolism about sacrifice and the nature of illusion. From a synchromystic perspective, there is a wealth of material, including a mysterious box that is shaped like a truncated pyramid. The box contains a marvelous yet horrible invention devised by Nikola Tesla (played by David Bowie).


Interesting turn of events today in tthe Weirdest Celebrity Arrest in Recent History where Christian Bale—star of this weekend's history-making blockbuster The Dark Knight—was arrested for allegedly assaulting his 61-year-old mother and 40-year-old sister. Splashy British tabloid coverage comes from The Sun. Respectable mainstream media coverage comes from Agence France-Presse.
Slog -

The Dark Knight: Christian Bale & Heath Ledger
Of course, Christian Bale is the star of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight...


This film itself is so mired in synchromystic symbolism I will leave the analysis to other, more informed bloggers in the synchro-sphere:

Heath Ledger Syncfest: Crows, Ravens & Bats

...wake of Batman (also 1989)." Darker than the Bat? Hmm! (enlarge pic on the left)Mirrors are used in both The Crow & the original Batman as well as The Brothers Grimm in which Heath stars too. In the first Batman movie Jack Nicholson breaks a handheld mirror and starts laughing, in the Crow movie Brandon Lee smashes the window at the desk of ...
Dedroidify - http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2128/2110025535_8e488fd438_o.jpg

6 MK Minutes of The Dark Knight

...of The Dark Knight, because of what happened to Heath Ledger (his mind controlled existence and his subsequent demise) and because it was so obviously going to be full to the brim of mind control themes, and I wasn't disappointed. The film begins with the camera moving towards a glass building, with the windows creating a grid pattern (squared/b...
Pseudo-Occult Media -

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Batman Begins (warming up for Dark Knight)

...create the Batman. But later in the movie Alfred also lets us know that their deaths sparked the rich into action to start cleaning up the city. And even later in the movie Ra's Al Ghul shares this:He says that the League of Shadows (secret society) had attempted to use economics as a means of destruction, which led indirectly to the murder of B...
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Room 101

...s Batman movie, he visits an underground "hospital" where a doctor who surely doesn't have a license to practice medicine operates on the Joker trying to fix his skin color and fixed smile. This room reminds me of the tourture Room 101 in 1984 with it's terrible appearance. After leaving this room of pain, the Joker confronts his boss who had h...
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Heath Ledger and the Five Points of Rennes le Chateau

...like a knight on a chess board a game he loved so much.Ledger was a self professed antichrist. He did not believe in Jesus Christ and is on record saying so many times. It would appear from the occult nature of his films that he did believe in something though. “ I am the Widows son” he cries out from horseback in the film Ned Kelly. Ned Kelly w...

Metal Gear Solid 4

Easily my favorite game of the year and most likely my favorite game of all time. This is one of the most detailed and impecabbly crafted games ever made. And it's fun, too! For those not in the know, the Metal Gear Solid series are known as the creators and thus-far best examples of games in the sneaking genre. You play Snake, an old CIA agent who sneaks around on "wet ops."

You start the game with 'octocamo', which allows you to blend into the surroundings like an octopus. See if you can spot Snake in the image below:


After beating the game once on normal difficulty, I tried again on the hardest ("The Boss Extreme") mode, but failed because I hadn't procured the solar gun on the way through. After a second playthrough on easy mode, I had procured not only the solar gun but also the bandana of infinite ammo and stealth invisibility, Predator-style. (These were obtained by playing through the entire game without ever getting spotted and with zero kills).

There is a wealth of symbolism
in this series, including a recurring theme of 4 enemies who must be defeated, each associated with an emotion and a totem animal.


Pictured above, the 4 bosses in Metal Gear Solid 4, which are based on similar sets of 4 bosses in the previous games. This particular installment in the series focused on the modern day war economy, paramilitary corporations, nanomachines and artificial intelligence used to control the masses.

In the game, there is a massive conspiracy carried out by a secret society (revealed to be controlled at the highest levels by an AI) to maintain constant war around the world as a means of control. This same control apparatus is so pervasive that anyone who has been 'chipped' with nanomachines (highly advanced microchips) cannot so much as utter the name of the secret society, The Patriots. Should they try to say this name, they will instead say "la-li-lu-le-lo", a Japanese string of syllables similar to "a-b-c-d-e" in English.

The Patriots are controlled by 4 AI programs, named after US presidents: GW, TJ, TR and AL. That's GW for George Washington, not Bush jr., according to Wikipedia. The man behind it all is known simply as 'Zero'. Here's an excerpt from the Wikipedia article: "JD sought ways to control the masses through manipulation of the economy, (which lead to the War Economy), digital information (which lead to the creation of Arsenal Gear) and eventually personalities (which became the SOP system)."

For more, check out my shared Google items.

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