The Lost Ring: Building the Earth-Omphalos

Thursday, July 17, 2008

As a follow up to my last post on The Lost Ring, check this out.

James showed a map with 27 Theo headquarter locations. These cities are places where we can build city labyrinths to complete the Earth-omphalos, that is needed to send the six home.
Strange stuff indeed. So what the heck is an Earth-omphalos? From wikibruce...
MAKE OMPH KNOT: One rock, covered by a net, with at least 27 knots.
OMPH STRENGTH: K1 + K2 + K3 ... + K27. K = (C x S)/6
Trace a labyrinth (any design) at least 3 stadia wide. The bigger the labyrinth, the more powerful it is.
The labyrinth must have AT LEAST 3 circuits. The more circuits, the stronger the knot.
Earth-scale omphalos knots must be created within omph city limits. OMPH CITIES PENDING.
Without diving in too deep to this Lost Ring nonsense, it seems that the plot revolves around 6 amnesiacs who must return to another universe. Apparently by creating 27 labyrinths (and accompanying earth-omphali) at key points around the globe, a 'stargate' will be opened and the 6 will be allowed to return home.

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